Propolis and its properties


Propolis treatment

Propolis and its properties | all for health

Bee glue or propolis is a substance that superdrol for sale remains after the bees have processed the buds kulturystyka anatomiczne podejscie do slynnego for sale of the trees. More often it is chestnut, willow, poplar or birch. Bringing this substance to the hive, the bees mix it with wax, as well as pollen. The result is a unique trenbolone enanthate injection bodybuilding
tool that saves people from many ailments.

Propolis treatment was already known in China, Greece, India and Rome. The benefit of this substance is based on the content of numerous beneficial substances in its composition. To get rid of various ailments, propolis is used to make ointments that are valued bodybuilding monitor basic online throughout the world.

Propolis properties

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Propolis tinctures

Making healing tincture on propolis is very simple. It will take 0.5 liters of alcohol, add 150 g of propolis and stir. In a vessel, this mixture should be infused for several weeks. She will have to be shaken periodically. About 8-9 days, tincture can be consumed. Ready natural masaze tincture of propolis in the ear is used for various ear diseases and not only, you can find out more by clicking on the link.

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Propolis Ointment

You can also make propolis ointment yourself. To do this, exactly 2 kg of butter is brought to a boil in a saucepan (necessarily enameled). After removing it from the fire, another 150 g of propolis is added there. For half an hour, this mixture is heated over low heat. At the same time, it must be thoroughly stirred. The finished product must be put to cool. After some time, the mixture is filtered in a small container. This medicine should be stored in the refrigerator.

What is treated with buy un campione mondiale di bodybuilding e altri propolis?

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This unique natural substance helps with:

Inflammation of the ear (just instill tinctures);

Sore throat (need to rinse with a solution of tincture);

Skin diseases, including burns and serious wounds;

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Liver problems;

this mixture



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Cervical erosion.

Propolis treatment

Propolis treatment is the key to health and long life.

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